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Catalyst Differentiators

The creation of the unit of liquidity enables 4 significant improvements from current solutions:

  1. Permissionless pool creation. Catalyst is the first protocol to allow cross-chain pools to be created permissionlessly. By having a permissionless option for liquidity connectivity, new chains are empowered like never before. Catalyst will be there to support the long tail of assets that cannot be found on any other exchange.
  2. User experience. 1-click transaction on any supported chain, where native assets are swapped. No more excessive bridging and 3+ transactions to approve a swap, and no more reliance on wrapped assets (e.g., hETH, sETH, USDCet).
  3. Scalable liquidity. Pools can contain any number of assets and chains, significantly reducing fragmentation compared to alternative platforms. Furthermore, all cross-chain liquidity within Catalyst is locally available!
  4. Security by design. One bridge message per swap! No state Synchronisation, no intermediate lock & mint, no vendor lock-in, and hardcoded security limit. The only attack vector is the AMB which can be set to trust-minimized, battle-tested interoperability protocols like IBC.

Beyond the unit of liquidity, Catalyst is also innovating in other dimensions:

  • MEV redistribution: Catalyst LPs will receive protocol-captured MEV as a sustainable return in addition to pool fees. We want to reward LPs for exposing capital to market-making risks such as impermanent loss. Our design has fundamental economic advantages because it internalizes MEV and redistributes it to LPs, making it a better foundation for providing liquidity compared to other DEXs.
  • AA relayer integration: Catalyst UI will integrate best-in-class relayers for gas sponsorships, rules-based transaction logic, multi-call transactions, etc.