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Changelog and Migration

Installing a new Relayer version

From within the Relayer’s directory:

  • Pull down the Relayer if it is running.
    Terminal window
    docker compose down
  • Get the codebase changes:
    Terminal window
    git pull && git checkout main
  • Pull the corresponding docker image:
    Terminal window
    docker pull
  • Perform any migration steps as described on all relevant changelogs.
  • Start the Relayer.
    Terminal window
    docker compose up -d


Release: GitHub


  • Implemented a monitor service to follow the latest chain blocks and keep all other services within the relayer in sync.
  • Implemented a wallet service for transaction handling (same as the underwriter’s wallet service).
  • Recovery of past AMB messages/proofs on Wormhole.
  • Improve handling of l1 and l2 block numbers for chains like Arbitrum.
  • More efficient rpc queries (including ethers 6 upgrade).
  • Fixed error logging.
  • Large refactors to increase code clarity and efficiency.
  • Full changelog.

Migration steps:

  • Update the Relayer configuration:
    • New monitor configuration (within global and within each chain on chains).
      • blockDelay moved from global/chains to here.
      • interval moved from getter to here.
    • New wallet configuration (within global and within each chain on chains).
      • Configurations moved from the submitter section: confirmations, confirmationTimeout, lowGasBalanceWarning (renamed from lowBalanceWarning), gasBalanceUpdateInterval (renamed from balanceUpdateInterval), maxFeePerGas, maxAllowedPriorityFeePerGas, MaxPriorityFeeAdjustmentFactor, maxAllowedGasPrice, gasPriceAdjustmentFactor, priorityAdjustmentFactor.
    • Optional resolver configuration for each chain.
      • resolver: 'arbitrum' is now required for Arbitrum.
    • See config.types.ts for further advanced configuration options added that are not present on config.example.yaml.