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Eggs (Rewards)

Catalyst’s eggs program began on May 21 at 00:00 UTC.

Eggs are distributed weekly to Catalyst users for 10 weeks. Distribution takes place every Friday, and the first distribution will take place on May 30. Eggs are meant to reward users who contribute to the protocol’s success.

Eggs criteria will be updated on a recurring basis. Eggs distributions are based on weekly activity ending Thursday at 11:59 UTC. Distributions take place on every Friday. Catalyst reserves the right to modify previous eggs distributions under its sole discretion.

Loyalty Score

The loyalty score tracks user activity over time and is represented as a number between 0 and 100. This score is user-specific and is updated weekly — it can decrease, increase, or remain the same. Users who stay active throughout the entire season will accrue a higher loyalty score. While the loyalty score doesn’t affect the number of eggs you receive, it does affect what emerges after the eggs are hatched.


How do I refer someone to Catalyst?

You can create a referral code on after connecting your wallet. You will receive a percentage of referred users’ eggs based on their weekly activity. The percentage is determined by your referral tier.

Share your referral code with other traders using a unique link:

How do I use a referral code?

Click on a referral code link or input a friend’s referral link on the Rewards page on Catalyst UI.


Using a referral code will give you a variable kickback determined by the referee. The kickback works exactly like a credit card cashback, meaning that you’ll get a % of your weekly eggs back. The higher your referral tier, the larger the kickback you can offer to your friends. You can check how much the kickback is when you click on a referral code link.

Example: Bob is Silver tier (20% referral rewards) and offers a 10% kickback.

Alice signs up on Catalyst using Bob’s code.

At the end of the week, Alice earns 100 Eggs based on her Catalyst activity.

Bob will earn (100 * 10%) = 10 Eggs, while Alice will receive 10 additional Eggs as a kickback.

Note: the kickback can only be increased but not decreased over time. Referral signups are immutable. Once you sign up using a code, you won’t be able to change it later on.

Referral Tiers

  • Iron: 10% of all eggs earned by your direct referrals.
    • Default (everyone starts here)
  • Bronze: 15%
    • 3 unique referrals + $50k vol
  • Silver: 20%
    • 5 unique referrals + $150k vol
  • Gold: 25%
    • 10 unique referrals + $300k vol
  • Platinium: 30%
    • 20 unique referrals + $600k vol

Note: only direct referrals (i.e. someone that directly uses your code) counts for tier progression.

Eggs for Galxe Quests

Thank you to all individuals that completed Catalyst Missions on Galxe during the Catalyst testnets.

All Galxe users that completed at least 1 mission are eligible to a 5% bonus rebate on the Eggs they earn during season 1 on mainnet. The bonus is capped at 50,000 Eggs per user.

Example: Alice earned 1000 Eggs during season 1 and she qualified for the galxe 5% bonus. At the end of the season, she will earn 1000 + (1000 * 5%) = 1050 Eggs