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The Vision

Catalyst has a vision is intertwined with The Modular Future. We envision application chains, native multi-chain applications, and complete chain abstraction. This future requires building applications which do not differentiate between local and remote.

We are contributing to 3 fundamental pillars:

  1. Chains We’re building for a future where developers are empowered to create the perfect chain that is best suited for their needs—and connect them to the broader crypto ecosystem. With Catalyst, the multi-chain future is an open future—where economic trade is borderless.
  2. Tools We’re building fundamentals for native multi-chain applications. The goal is for anyone to build a cross-chain application that scales.
  3. dApps We’re building applications that facilitate the creation of new applications. Our goal is to weave the web of applications tighter by building to allow for interopability between cross-chain applications.

Our first contribution is a global liquidity layer for all chains—available automatically at launch.

Our second contribution is a messaging bridge abstraction that allows anyone to use any messaging bridge.

Our Goals

  1. No gatekeeping. Allow any chain to move value to another chain from Day 1.
  2. Superior UX. Interact with any asset on any chain.
  3. Safe by design. Simple protocol design built on trust-minimised infrastructure to ensure the highest level of security.